well… I haven’t been on here in a while…

awkward moment when you come on here for the first time in months and you still have your ex’s name on your profile. 

glad to fix THAT.

first time i’ve been on here in ages.

because i recently discovered that sitting on here all night like i used to is shit and i’m
glad i don’t do it anymore ha.

in other news, the only reason i’m checking this thing is cause i am looking for jobs…

Life right now is amazing…

that is all.

Eugh, they stabbed a chicken nugget with a Sharpie… These are bad people.
Tina Fey- Claire Foster- Date night

Gonna watch me some Date night.

today has been the best day in aaaages.

passed my driving test. so chuffed.

few good things to look forward to, driving test and birthday coming up. so excited.

 I got asked out for a drink by a random guy yesterday. he gave me his number. he was so shy. it was rather sweet.